Inter Counties Trophy

Inter Counties Trophy Is a program organized by Vmusic,llc to empower talented people in the united states.

5 categories.

Inter Counties Talent Competition

Inter Counties Dance Competition

Inter Counties Music Competition

Inter Counties Comedy Competition

Inter Counties Knowledge Competition

Fee: No fee to enter the competition


Must be an amateur or independent artist, at least 18 years old and live in the United States.
All contestants signed to a label will be eliminated.

No one will be rejected because of his or her religion, sex, race, color, national origin,
gender identity or sexual orientation, disability.


$2000 for winner in each category

1500 for 2nd in each category

1000 for 3rd in each category

750 for 4rd in each category

500 for 5th in each catogory

50 Trophies and Medals

Intercounties Trophy 2018 Winner (People Choice): Tre6 3

Intercounties Trophy 2018 Winner G-Terra

Intercounties Trophy 2018 2nd Place Art Tawanghar

Intercounties Trophy 2018 3rd Place Kerem Zephaniah

Intercounties Trophy 2018 4th Place Youngunna Y2G

Intercounties Trophy 2018 5th Place Michael Wayne Patterson


Clarendon County (South Carolina)

Youngunna y2g

Cumberland county (North Carolina)

G Terra

Harris County (Texas)

Kerem Zephaniah

Newton County (Missouri)

Michael Wayne Patterson

San Diego County (California)

Art Tawanghar

Seminole County (Oklahoma)