About us

Vivez La Musique was founded to provide free music lessons

free music therapy to children in difficult situation

educate through music, empower talented students

Vmusic, LLC was created to empower talented people.


The mission of Vivez La Musique is to foster social and emotional development

of children in difficult situation through music and empower talented people

Motto: Let's produce more winners

Mascott: Mya (Husky)

Supporters name: VLAmi

Mission of Vmusic, LLC: Help Talent Succeed

Motto of Vmusic, LLC: Let's celebrate our talents.


Vivez La Musique believes that:

Music can be used to improve quality of life of people in difficult situation

Music can be used to educate

Music can heal

Vmusic,llc believes:

Talent must be uncovered and/or discovered, more valued, rewarded and transformed in Stars or Celebrities

Opportunity can release latent talents.